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Disabilities Disabilities
Having a disability or being disabled… an existential question??? Since time immemorial, mankind has had a need to rationalize, classify… Disabilities can be approached through two visions:  the medical vision and the social vision. The medical vision of handicaps is based on deficiencies, on “what you don’t have… or don’t have anymore”. This vision proposes a rigorous classification of the different types of disability. But let’s be careful, let’s not fall into the trap of classifying people… We prefer to go by the social vision, which places the disabled person back into their life environment. This vision highlights the responsibilities of each person in maintaining the technical and psychological barriers that allow a legitimate access to autonomy. A new classification has been developed by the WHO, which highlights the role that society plays in the emergence of new disabilities.  To be a handicapper or to become a facilitator is finally the choice that has to be made... In the future the one who is a handicapper will also be... payer!