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About us

What is Autonomia? 
Autonomia is a non-profit organization that promotes inclusiveness. Through our platform we inform our audience about a wide range of topics related to disability. The association addresses both individuals and professionals. To better make sure that supply and demand match as well as possible, we have recently started offering a wide range of technical resources.

Our vision

An inclusive world where everyone has a place.

Our missions
Our most important goal is to infom people and to call out discrimination in order to obtain a more inclusive world. We also want to work on the way that handicaps are represented. In order to achieve this goal, Autonomia works on several projects aimed at demystifying disability.

Our values
Our keywords are autonomy, inclusion, empathy, participation and respect. 

The current projects by Autonomia:
  • The website wal.autonomia.org: through this website we wish to be a reference point for issues related to disabilities. We want all information to be easily accessibleon one single platform.
  • Chais'Art en word pictres (exhibitions, sculptures, etc.): through Chais'Art we want to use art and humor to demystify disabilities.

  • Violence against women with disabilities: although it is taboo, violence against women with disabilities is a very real problem. We want to inform and raise awareness about this issue.